Begin at the Beginning

Good day and welcome to the inaugural post for Dazzle of Zebras!!

This is the space I plan to use to share my travel adventures (and misadventures, you’ll quickly learn there are more than enough of those!)… recommendations on favourite experiences wherever I go… packing tips from a gal who eschews checked baggage when at all possible… and random tidbits of interest!

A few things about me:

I’m a travel obsessed lady not quite out of her thirties with a penchant for thriftiness and a love of cheesy positivity quotes, garden gnomes, theme parties and all things chocolate. Oh and sparkle!

When I travel I try to spend my time and money on experiences rather than fancy hotels or fine dining (although some of my favourite experiences have been about great food!). I love wildlife adventures and seeing animals in their natural habitat is often the highlight of a trip.

I’m a theatre junkie and, especially in New York or London, my goal is to see a minimum of one show per day!

The name Dazzle of Zebras came about because of my love of wildlife and the fact that a group of zebras, a dazzle, just sounds glamourous. I can picture them roaming the savannah in high heels, glitter and boas! My kind of animals!

So, if you’re interested in hearing about travels that are a little random, maybe a bit eccentric and hopefully a lot of fun, feel free to join the ride!!


4 thoughts on “Begin at the Beginning

  1. Please share selfies and all the interesting asventure learning! Please share the beauty and yucky! I want to see it all, lovely ladies!


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