Anticipation of Adventure Grows!

Wow! The last few days have shot past in a haze. I was planning to have another post before this to leisurely talk about our upcoming trip but I’ve been focused on last minute preparations instead.

So, here’s the nitty gritty!

On Friday…. yes this Friday…. my favourite travel companion (my mother) and I are heading forth on our trip to India!

We’re starting off with a couple of days in NYC as the tour company we’re using is New York based and our flights will be from there. Works for me! It gives us an excuse to spend some time in one of my absolute favourite places and take in some Broadway shows!

As of Monday, the adventure really begins! We’ll be flying Air India to Delhi and beginning our 2 week tour of some of the highlights of the country with a couple of days in Kathmandu to finish. Once we say goodbye to our tour mates we’ll be staying for an extra week to try our luck on some tiger safaris!

Then it’s back to NYC for a week of shows, rice pudding and christmas markets!

Whew! There you have it. The super high level, vague version of our itinerary! Worry not, there will be far more details to follow. With any luck, the wi-fi gods will be with me and I’ll be able to post regular updates and anecdotes about our travels.

Today is all about packing. But that’s a post in itself (hee hee).  Standby…..


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