The Journey Begins!

Day One: NYC!!!

Oh my word! I love this place!! I’m so happy to be back!!

We started off with a low key morning, just checking out some of the sights of Times Square and wandering two of my favourite stores in NYC… the Museum of Modern Art gift and design shops! So many cool and amazing things! Thank goodness for limited luggage space.

Our first show of the day was Cinderella. Now admittedly, it is best to see a show from the beginning. Quick learn from my mistakes type moment….. it’s always a good idea to not just double check what time you think the show is, especially when you don’t have physical tickets, but make sure you know what day of the week it is. The fact that the show plays at 3:00 on Sundays really doesn’t help if it’s Saturday and the show starts at 2:00. Sigh. That said, the show was cute but we just didn’t loooove it. There were some very funny moments and some of the changes to the story were fun but didn’t love the music. The audience seemed to love it though, just not our cup of tea.

On the plus side, because Cinderella was over an hour before I expected it to be, we were able to make it to the New York Public Library for the Performing arts to view the Sesame Street exhibition. It is well worth seeing. So amazing to get up close and personal with favourite Muppets from childhood and learn about the filming of the show. Plus, Snuffy in a tutu…. fantastic!

Then the 65 block march to our next show! Seriously. Side note to a specific cousin who may be reading this, yes I still walk all over Manhattan, but I promise I’m a gentler tour guide who actually stops for food breaks. In fact, I’d recommend falafels and hummus at the Hummus & Pita Co. for an inexpensive but filling snack!

And now for our second show…… Odd Birdz. Not really sure what to say except if you have the chance, go see it! It’s an israeli theatre troupe and the show is hilarious and unforgettable. Pretty much impossible to describe really…. everything from dance and music to surprise puppets on the bottom of feet to lip synching to sketch comedy…. and this really doesn’t do it justice. Definitely adding it to my list of favourites!! The show is just so well put together, the music, the comedy, the choreography, the charming performers…. where else does a performer greet you with “here’s a kiss for you” and hands you chocolate as you enter the theatre?!

After that a paltry 45 block walk back to the hotel – with a brief stop at Cuture for some pretty fantastic frozen yogurt. Mom went for the festively appropriate pumpkin pie topping while I opted for roasted pineapple with maple and cardamom. So very very tasty!!

Time now for some sleep to get ready for our next big NYC day!

(Having technical difficulties connecting my camera to my laptop so the only photo I have for today was the one I took on my phone of the Israeli kiss)


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