New York Day Two!

Our second full day in New York. We didn’t accomplish a lot by my usual New York standards but we did see two great shows and have lunch in one of my favourite restaurants!

Show number one:

Love Letters starring Carol Burnett and Brian Dennehy. Just a quiet two person play in one act with two amazing actors reading letters that follow the lives of the two characters. Hard to explain how compelling it was to listen to the lives of these characters unfold through their correspondence. So much ground is covered, so many secrets shared and love won, lost and regained over the 90 minutes. I was crying at the end (although that’s not really a surprise, I get teary when anything theatrical moves me… happy, sad, anything). Really enjoyed the show.

Lunchtime!! We wandered over to Empanada Mama’s hoping it would be open on a Sunday and that we’d be able to get a table in the tiny restaurant. Lucky on both counts! Yay!! The amazing plantain chips and guacamole are on my must do list for every visit to New York. And trying out the different empanadas (beef, chicken, pork, tuna, pizza, veggie – to name a few) is always delicious. So good! For $25 including tax and tip we had enough for lunch and leftovers for an admittedly meagre dinner. Ha Ha.

Then onto play number two!!! We went to see Fabulous! The Queen of New Musical Comedies (or so it says on the flyer). A totally fun, totally campy show in a teeny tiny theatre just a couple of blocks from our hotel. There were probably less than 20 of us in the audience, I’ve never been to a production that small but it was really good. The cast was incredibly talented and the music was cute and catchy. Set on a cruise ship with drag queens, a closet lesbian, several fabulous crew members and some gangsters, it was highly entertaining. I’ve been humming I Feel Romantic (in a lesbian kind of way) and Fabulous! ever since the show. So cool to check out a production where the announcer was surprised we didn’t know anyone in the cast since it was mostly friends and family who were in attendance!

That’s about it for today. Need some rest for the killer travel day tomorrow. I don’t think it’s fully hit yet that we leave for India tomorrow! Yikes!! A mere 14 hour flight and we’ll be there!


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