Greetings from India!!

We’ve arrived safely in Delhi!!

Fourteen hours on an airplane and a half day time change will certainly not leave you at your best, or at least not at my best so my apologies in advance for anything that doesn’t make sense. ; )

Our Air India flight from New York to Delhi was uneventful. We always enjoy checking out an airline we’ve not traveled with before. This poor plane seemed to be pretty…. well used. Poor mom’s remote didn’t work so she couldn’t use her tv or reading light or call button. Thankfully we brought our headset splitter so she could at least watch what I did.

Then the announcement outlining the inflight service!! Just a quick note: we are probably the only people around who oooh and aaah at airplane food! I love the tiny meals! We’ve had some great food on planes.

The announcement advised we would be receiving lunch, refreshments and breakfast. I thought it an odd to have lunch instead of dinner on an afternoon flight but no big deal.

The little tomato and cucumber sandwich for lunch was a bit disappointing, especially since mom’s arrived soaking wet. (She was not having good luck with Air India.)

Oddly, about an hour and a half later, refreshments turned out to be our hot dinner! Yay, tiny tray of hot food!! The meal was surprisingly good, lots of veggies, basmati rice and a somewhat interesting dessert to finish.

Three movies later and it was time to attempt to sleep. (Side note: Rio 2, Million Dollar Arm and Transcendence are all very good). The sleep attempt was not particularly successful especially since more tiny trays of hot food, this time breakfast, were served shortly thereafter. Once our very tasty breakfast was finished, my tv ceased working so we tried again for some sleep. (And yes, I realize we could read or do something other than watch tv on a flight. Don’t judge ; )

Finally caught a little shut eye and when I woke up it was 30 minutes to landing!!

All the arrival hoo hah with Customs etc. went very smoothly and quickly which was a terrific surprise. We met our tour guide Bonita and waited for the rest of our group to gather their luggage and we were on our way!! Bonita seems great, very informative, very enthusiastic, I’m looking forward to hearing her story and learning more about this unique place.

Our hotel is lovely. Very posh and modern but not a lot of personality. I do prefer places with a bit more character but it’s a beautiful property.

Oh, we were greeted at the bus with marigold necklaces (not sure what to call it, don’t think lei is right but it’s all I can come up with at the moment, jetlag remember…).

Ok, I’m going to rein in this rambling post and try to stay awake until a decent bed time. It’s 6:30 PM now…… wow, might be tricky. Hahaha.

Tomorrow is a full day tour of Delhi. Can’t wait to see the sights!!

(Sorry no pic – having technical difficulties!!)


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