Delhi on our own

So…. it’s a little different not being with our tour group anymore. Typically I prefer to do my own thing and plan my own trips but there are certainly some good points for being part of a tour. India can be pretty overwhelming and it’s nice to have a guiding hand pushing you along.

We’re currently staying in a not-so-five-star hotel in a super busy backpacker haven crowded marketplace area. It’s excessively, unbelievably, incredibly noisy… horns honking all day and all night! That’s what earplugs are for!!!

I’m having a hard time venturing out to just walk around when we’re nabbed by someone every couple of feet who want to take us somewhere, show us something, sell us something…. I can’t fault them, they need to make a living but the persistence is wearing me down a little. You have to be a little rude sometimes to get them to go away and it kills me to be rude to someone!

Ok, I’m done whining! India is an absolutely amazing place and I’m looking forward to the next stage of our trip!

Next stop: Tiger Tiger Tiger!!!!! Send good vibes that we get to see tigers while we’re in Corbetts National Park!!! Fingers crossed!!!


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