Back in the New York Groove!!!

A Big Apple Hello!
Pardon the lengthy delay between posts, I’ve been without wi-fi for a while staying in a guesthouse near a tiger park!
Sadly, my laptop has ceased to function, so my posts will be somewhat briefer.

Yesterday was an epically long day (and I don’t just use that word willy nilly. Haha). We were up at 5ish for our last safari (watched the sunrise), back for lunch, then the 6.5 hr drive to the airport, waited 2.5 hrs for the counter to open, then 2 more hrs until boarding, finally took off around 2am… Flew 15 hrs 15 minutes to New York and watched the sun rise again!!!

Thankfully we both managed some sleep on the flight but please be kind in judging my writing, I might be just a teeny bit jet lagged. Hee hee. Not sure what day it is actually.
Guess I’d better sort that out since we embark on the Broadway portion of this adventure tonight with tickets to “It’s Only A Play”!!

Oh! Started big yesterday with a visit to one of my favourite New York establishments, Rice To Ritches!!! If you like rice pudding or at least find it palatable, you’ve got to go!! Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road is moms flavour pick (especially good when topped with cherries) and I went with Coast to Coast cheesecake topped with spiced nuts! Mmmmm!!! We brought home the gingerbread and eggnog flavours for another night.

I will be filling you in on all the fun we had in the jungle as well!! Did we see tigers??? Well, that’s a discussion for another post! 😉



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