Festive frolic in NYC!

Well, we didn’t make it to Chelsea Market as planned yesterday. We started walking and wimped out. The wind was darn cold and we weren’t dressed for it, plus mom’s got a terrible cold now so we we got some provisions and went back to the apartment. I know I know, pitiful really.
However, we stocked up on delicious baked goods from Amy’s Bread (I haven’t tried anything I didn’t like from there), picked up soup and cheese and we were all set.

Our festive entertainment was a spin on the holiday edition of The Ride. It’s a bus tour with interactive components and outside entertainers. We’d found a coupon on travelzoo and thought we’d give it a go.
It’s a cheesy delight!!!
The two hostesses were adorable in matching green dresses and sparkly festive accessories, and matching so-awful-they’re-funny jokes!
As you drive the loop there are folks stationed outside to sing, rap, dance and otherwise entertain the guests on The Ride. The funniest part is watching the outside entertainers tap dancing their hearts out or pirouetting in a light up tutu and almost no one walking by pays them any heed!
Add to that on the bus quizzes, educational facts about NYC landmarks and a singalong…. And it’s a pretty good time.

Cabaret was our evenings entertainment. Alan Cumming and Emma Stone are terrific, as are the rest of the cast.
I have a theatrical confession to make though….
Deep breath.
Ok. So I have never seen Cabaret before, and about the only thing I really knew about it was the song Life Is A Cabaret and the iconic image of Liza in the black dress and hat.
Let’s just say if that’s all you know, you’re not really prepared for the dark overtones and the Nazis!
Hahahaha. Oops.
I did enjoy the production, the choreography is great and it was nice to finally see the show.

Today will be Kinky Boots (our second time so no surprises. Hee hee) and Aida at the opera tonight!!

PS another decor photo!



4 thoughts on “Festive frolic in NYC!

  1. Hi, Leah and Genny. I’m vicariously enjoying your travel adventures in New York! But still, you’ve not answered the question we all have…….. Did you see tigers???????? Take care of your mom as that cold stays forever! I came home (from India) with a cold two weeks ago and it is just now going away. Ugh.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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