All Theatre All the Time!!

Another day, another couple of theatrical outings.

Kinky Boots was our matinee show. We’ve seen it before but it’s so fun we decided to go again! I still love the music. “History of Wrong Guys” is an especially cute number!!
And Lola… Fabulous character! I need to channel my inner Lola more often!!
Just an upbeat, feel good, walk away with a smile, kind of show!! (Not to mention one that makes me want to go out and buy spectacular shoes!).

We went for a slightly more cultured approach in the evening with Aida at the opera.
I should mention I’m not the biggest opera fan but mom enjoys it and we’ve talked about going back to the metropolitan opera for ages. She decided on Aida and I think it shows how much I love her that I agreed given that it’s almost 4 hours of operatic delight (including two intermissions).
The performance is quite amazing. The cast is immense, it’s a truly epic affair. Horses, ballet dancers, dozens of people… It’s incredible. I really did enjoy it, though the intermissions were far too long (40+ min for the first and almost an hour for the second). It ended up running late and almost went into the next day! Haha.
I think I’m topped up with opera for a while though. 😉

As for today….
We went to see The Real Thing with Ewan McGregor and Maggie Gyllenhall.
It’s a much quieter, more dramatic piece with interesting characters. Truth be told even if it had sucked (and it didn’t) I’d have been happy to see Ewan McGregor!! Terrible I know! But the show is really good. Intelligent dialogue and some good laughs.

One last show to mention for the day… “This Is Our Youth”. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Oddly perhaps, we chose it because mom wanted to see Michael Cera. Haha. I had no real expectations for the show but it was excellent. Lots of laughs. A feeling that these were real people and we were getting a glimpse into their lives. (Side note: worth going just to watch Michael Cera’s character dance!).

Normally I accomplish so much more when I’m here. We’ve really just been lazy this time though. It’s a little embarrassing really!!!

Well, it’s our last day and only one show to go to this evening. We’d better try to make it count!!!!

I love New York for so many things, not least of all the unusual places I find myself eating. I’ve had great subs in the back of a jewelry store, waffles off a truck… Yesterday we tried tacos and sopes in a Mexican grocery store and deli. Sadly not the sopes of my dreams but filling and frugal! Tehuitzingo Deli and Grocery.

Ok! Onward to greet this last New York day!!!





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