Last of Our NYC Shenanigans

One last day to roam the busy streets of New York!! We wandered over to the street with all the bead stores and picked up some craft supplies (Pinterest here I come!). Then over to Bryant Park to peruse the winter market there and get some Christmas shopping done!! I did also find myself a very sparkly pair of shoes at a hodge podge souvenir/accessory place. They shall be debuted at my office Christmas party in a couple of weeks!
Oh, side note, the public restrooms in Bryant park are lovely. An attendant keeps them clean and there are even fresh cut flowers. In case you’re in the vicinity and need facilities, these are not public restrooms to fear!!

Once it was dark enough we made our way to Macy’s to view the holiday windows. They are really cute this year. There’s an outer space theme and the christmas Martians are adorable! (And how many people have walked past giggling about Christmas on Uranus. Hahaha). The window displays are one of my favourite parts of the nyc holiday season. It’s one of those totally touristy must sees this time of year!!

Our final Broadway show for this visit was “A Delicate Balance”, starring Glenn Close and John Lithgow.
It was certainly entertaining. The casting is terrific and the sheer volume of dialogue the actors have to remember is astonishing!!
I think I may have missed the point of some of the subplots… However, far too few plays include a yodelling accordionist so I was pleased to see one here. Hahaha. The yodelling moment was pretty great really.
I was impressed with the performances of the entire cast, it was an interesting evening.



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