The Burning Question….

Tigers…. Did they or didn’t they??!!

Ok. Maybe not a burning question to many but thank you to the folks who have been following along and specifically asked about what happened in the jungle! (More on our jungle adventures later… What happens in the jungle doesn’t stay in the jungle. Hee hee).

Yes!!! I am ecstatic to report that we did see two tigers!!!! It was magical and well worth the trip!!! They are so gorgeous.

The first sighting came on day three, on out fifth safari when we were starting to lose hope a little. Our guide had actually turned to us earlier in the day and said “Shocking, just shocking. The Tigers are very active, only you are not seeing them!”
Hahaha. Funny now but at the time a touch disillusioning.
Poor man was desperate to find us a tiger…. And finally it happened!!!!
Just as exciting as you’d expect!
The tiger was about 20 feet from our jeep!! Amazing!!!

PS. Forgive the pictures, since my laptop inconsiderately died I’ve taken a picture of the screen of my camera with my phone!!!



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