Vietnam here we come!!!

Somehow it still doesn’t seem real that I’m leaving today for yet another far away adventure. Between settling back into reality from my last trip, work, christmas and jumping into a new year, it’s like I blinked and suddenly it’s time to go!

This time I’m trying my hand at flying standby to get to Vietnam. I’ve only flown standby with an airline other than my own once before. Even though it went well, it still makes me a little nervous. Fingers crossed that the Standby Gods are with me!!!! I’ll be flying to Vancouver late tonight to catch my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong in the wee hours of the morning. If all goes well, it’ll be a short connection time in Hong Kong and I’ll be on my way to Ho Chi Minh City to meet up with the girls!!!

This is also the first trip I’ve done where I haven’t planned out most of the travel time. We have a hotel booked for the first couple of nights in Ho Chi Minh and then again in Da Nang when we visit Linda’s family but aside from that, we’re free to go wherever the whim takes us! It’s killing me! Hahahaha. I can leave days free to explore but I typically like knowing where I’ll be sleeping that night or how I’m getting to the next city. I’m not really a Free Spirit type so this will be a different kind of challenge. I’m sure it’ll be good for me (and likely make for some good laughs along the way….. probably at my expense).

So……. deep breath and just be open to the possibilities that present themselves!

My backpack is loaded up (well, as loaded up as the 15lbs carry on restrictions allow), my personal item is ready to go and, if fortune smiles, in about 24 hours, I’ll be in the midst of exploring a whole new country!!


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