So close and yet so far…..

If you’re going to spend most of a day in an airport, Hong Kong international isn’t a bad place to be.
I was fortunate enough to make my flight to Vancouver and then from Vancouver to Hong Kong.
Unfortunately I arrived at the standby counter just a little past cutoff for the morning flight. No big deal. I knew the connection was tight, it was only stressful while I was still trying to make it happen. Rushing from terminal to terminal, getting sent to person after person. To be sooo close….. Oh well, I’m most of the way there!
The flight went by surprisingly quickly. I watched a couple of movies and managed to get quite a lot of sleep, thanks in part to my new travel pillow! It’s a bit weird looking but quite comfy. I’ll take a pic later.
I do still love my tiny tray meals on the flight but the food was more adorable than delicious. Not awful though.
It’s always so interesting to watch safety and service procedures on other airlines. Good to know that some of the regulations we inform our guests about on our flights can be very different from ones on other airlines. It helps me understand how confusing it can be for people transferring between airlines.

I’ve been amusing myself here at the airport browsing the shops (plush toilet keychain anyone?), stopping for a gigantic bowl of spicy Sichuan noodle soup, and taking in an imax movie.
There is a place called Dream Come True Education Park. Apparently it’s an “amusement park” for kids to role play different professions. I was a little sad that it’s just for kids or I too could have dressed up and gone through role play scenarios to see what it’s like being a….firefighter, doctor, pilot, flight attendant (haha that would have been fun), astronaut, airport security….. I thought it would be overly creepy to ask to borrow someone’s kid so I could go in. Hee hee. Oh my! I just looked more closely at the brochure and kids can dress in possibly military uniforms and hold fake machine guns. Quite the place.

Only an hour left before I find out if I’ll be on the afternoon flight. Guess I’ll meander back to pick up my backpack (I treated myself to a few hours of luggage storage), then hover by the standby counter. Fingers crossed!!!! Hopefully I’ll be joining the ladies soon!



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