Fun in Nha Trang

Geez, I’m already a couple of days behind!!
Have to admit I miss my laptop for doing this. Typing on the phone is so much slower. Hee hee.

Ok. Here’s the scoop on our day.

After a bit of a slow start and difficulty getting consensus on the days activity choice, we finally decided to take a taxi to a hiking trail outside of town.
On the way, Linda chatted with the driver and changed the plans as a surprise for Shannon and I (easy to do since we hadn’t a clue what she was saying). She booked the driver for the day and he was taking us to a few local points of interest, starting with Monkey Island!!!

A ten minute boat ride from the pier takes you to a small island with a resort and lots of monkeys. Not exactly “wild” monkeys but still…. Monkeys!! Always fun.
We started down the path around the island and almost immediately Shannon spotted her first monkey. We took pictures of a few hanging out in the roof and in the trees and then moved on, finding an area with a large group of the cute little rascals.
Turns out they don’t like gingers!! The three of us took the path leading near the group and very shortly thereafter both Shannon and I were chased away by angry, loud monkeys!! Linda was not harassed and continued taking pics and laughing at us while we quickly moved to a safer distance. Naughty monkeys!!
After a while we continued on around the island. I stopped to take a picture of a particularly cute monkey and caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I jumped back, a little touchy after my monkey experience, but it was just another tourist. He looked quizzically at my reaction and I laughingly explained that I thought he was an angry monkey. He started laughing and just shook his head as he walked away.

The rest of the island was quite nice. Lots of monkeys to watch. Sculptures made out of recycled bottles and CDs and other materials decorate the grounds. All in all it was a fun wander.

Then back to the pier to wait for the boat back, up to our waiting taxi and away we went!!

Next stop, hiking to a waterfall.
The drive was interesting, winding through narrow lanes, almost through people’s backyards. Giving us an up close view of rural life.
Our driver parked at the entrance and we purchased our tickets, then started off. It’s an easy walk, and we took our time meandering down the short offshoots of the path to get close to the water. Taking pictures as we went.
Then we arrived at the actual beginning of the waterfall portion of the trek. Not as easy. Up a rocky slope, pretty steep and lots of big rocks to scramble over. Well marked though so it’s tough to lose your way.
I should mention here that I’ve not been blessed with an over abundance of balance or agility. Sadly I did not inherit my mothers mountain goat tendencies. Haha. So, it was an interesting hike. Lots of fun!!! After lots of laughing at each other and a few near misses on falling off the rocks, we made it to the first of three waterfalls.
It’s gorgeous. Really beautiful scenery.
And that’s where we met the guy who got Linda to film him climbing to the side of the waterfall and jumping into the pool below. He climbed back up and chatted with us for a while afterwards. He told us he’s the craziest guy we’d meet (we disagree) and he loves to do dangerous things. Good luck to crazy Richard on the rest of his journey!
Sadly time was running out so we had to head back to the taxi and couldn’t see the rest of the falls.
It was such a great time though. We loved it.

Then continuing on our whirlwind tour to a beautiful temple. I don’t know much about it except that it’s really really lovely. The grounds are gorgeous. And the vantage point from the top of the hills gives spectacular views of the city.
Shannon and I went inside (Linda couldn’t… No short shorts allowed). I do love the scent of burning incense. A man was ringing a singing bowl as well so it was a very peaceful and spiritual moment.

No time for lolly gagging though, back to the taxi and off for crab for dinner!!!
OMG!!!!! Our driver took us to a place with very fresh seafood. Buckets of it. You just point at what you want and they cook it. I was like a kid in Disneyland. Linda had never seen me so excited about anything. It was overwhelming. I couldn’t decide what to have. Finally we ordered two crabs each, a bunch of snails Linda likes and what I thought was a big scallop.
Delicious!!!!!!! Best crab I’ve ever eaten. Funnier when a nice lady came to help me mix my pepper and lime dip and cracked my crab for me. Oh!! Trying to get the snails out was crazy hard. You’re supposed to just suck them out but those little buggers are really in there!! I think I managed to eat maybe six and had to give up. The folks working at the restaurant kept coming over to show us what to do. Still didn’t help. My big scallop turned out to be something else. Still have no idea what it was but it had the texture of squid. Pretty tasty anyways.
I really liked the “scallop” and snail shells so I wanted to take them home. I know I know, quit shaking your head. The guy came by to empty my plate of shells and I was a little over enthusiastic in saying no. He tried three times before Linda finally explained to him I wanted to keep the shells. Needless to say he laughed at that. He said he would wash them for me but I ended up putting them in a ziploc in my purse. I realize not everyone wants a souvenir of their dinner. It’s a bit crazy.

After dinner we had the lovely taxi man drop us off at a massage place. Massages and pedicures for the ladies! It was pretty good, not spectacular like the other place but it was still relaxing.

Then back to the hotel for rest after our busy day!!


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