Assortment of Goings on in Vietnam

We’ve covered a lot of ground so far. Seems like we’re driving someplace new, staring out the window for hours, every second day.
We may have been a tad ambitious in our holiday plans, especially given the huge holiday season and the fact we can’t get a plane, bus or train to save our lives! So it’s been hiring a taxi from town to town as our last resort every time. The transportation budget is shot but we’re getting where we want to go!

Currently we are in a lovely hotel in Buon Ma Thuot, The Coffee Tour Resort. Yesterday was a much needed day of rest. We wandered the flower market for a bit, admiring some of the most gorgeous orchids I’ve seen, tried to get a massage but the place was seedy even for me, and decided to take the rest of the day off!
We have a big day of touring planned for today and our guide for today’s tour took us out last night to try coffee at his friends place. Buon Ma Thuot is famous for its coffee and it is pretty great stuff. Admittedly two shots of espresso not long before bed probably wasn’t the best idea but…… Free coffee wins! Shannon was smart and I my drank one. Linda and I were hopped up on caffeine for quite a while, looking somewhat under the influence. Not sure what was in that coffee!!!
We even stopped for pizza on the way back to the hotel and our guide tried his first pizza (he likes Vietnamese food better).
That was about it for our day!

The picture is Linda and I during our caffeine craze last night!

Today’s adventures include a waterfall and an elephant ride! Should be exciting. The only drawback is that it’ll be 32 degrees and I might faint on the elephant! Oh well.
Tomorrow will be nine hours in a car I the way to Danang!
I’ll let you know how the elephant ride goes when we get back this afternoon!!






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