We’re Too Young To Die On The Road To Danang!

The drive to Danang.
It’s only 9:30 in the morning and already we’ve started our drive, had the car overheat, had our driver pawn us off on a random cabbie, used a restroom among livestock and been pulled over by the cops.
Still 8 hours to go!!

We are pretty excited at the moment that we didn’t have to bribe the cops with money or our bodies. It was looking a little dicey for a bit. Our cabbie got a ticket and is not the happiest fellow currently.

Update from the roadtrip.
6 hours into the drive now. Just pulled off for a pit stop. No bathrooms so all us girls just lined up down a back road and copped a squat. Yep.

7.5 hours in. The driver has decided to head back to buon ma thuot after all so now he’s driving at breakneck speed through these windy roads. Shannon and I pity Linda who has an unobstructed view of this terrifying drive from the from seat. We, however, are really bemoaning our lack of seat belts.
Might be the scariest drive I’ve been on yet. That’s saying a lot after being in India!!!

Just finished going 80 through a 40 zone on switchback roads in the mountains. I was thrown across the backseat into Shannon, then the tires started squealing on the next curve. He’s finally slowed down a bit.
We’re planning to get drunk and celebrate being alive tonight!

Side note: we almost ran smack into a family on a scooter, got honked at for cutting across traffic to go the wrong way down a road marked Do Not Enter, and pulled up to a man on a scooter just to roll down the window and yell at him for not moving out of our way.

One more hour!!!

Ummmm….. Barrelling towards a sharp curve going 80 again and his phone rings….he’s talking on it now as we pass a sign warning that this is a high accident zone.

If we don’t make it and someone finds this on my phone pleas tell our moms we love them!

Just ended up in Shannon’s lap. Oh my god!!! Finally Shannon yelled at him to slow down. Not really working.
So far our top speed has been 110 km/hr. Linda asked him to slow down and still nothing. We barrel through villages with children playing at the side of the road.
This is honestly the worst drive I’ve ever been on.

Oh thank god. Apparently we are switching taxis soon.
I just need a hug from someone.
Not soon really. It’s been another harrowing 45 min.
115 is out new top speed.

Yay!!!! We made it!! Finally the city limits and a new cab!
At the hotel now and thanking all the deities for their assistance!!!
Worst drive of my life bar none!!

Now to get ready for New Year’s Eve with Linda’s family!!!!

Pic is Shannon and I holding hands in fear in the cab!


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