My Glorious Business Class Moment!!! 

On the way home now from Vietnam. The flight last night was full so I spent another night in Saigon (thankfully the girls had a hotel room) and tried again today. 

Another nerve wracking wait to see if I made the flight and then…

Business class? Yes please! 

Things to love about business class:
Boarding in the business class lineup. 
Oodles of legroom. 
Envious glances from other passengers. 
Being offered a glass of water or juice while boarding is still going. 
Then a lovely hot towel. 
And a blanket. 
Oh. And special amenities in the bathroom. Refreshing citrus spray. 
And a padded seatbelt so as not to dig into business class hips. 
Now a trolley with newspapers is wheeling past. 
Omg. I’m that girl on this flight. I’ve taken my bag out of the overhead three times already. lol. In my defence I did have to literally run from security to the plane and I’m in bulkhead so even my little bag of essentials is in the overhead. 
In the air now. I am soooo tired but am I going to fall asleep and risk missing out on my business class tiny tray meal? No way!! Hee hee. 
A lovely flight attendant just came by, addressed me by name and handed me the lunch menu. 
I could get used to this. 
Hmm…… Duck, salmon or beef? Shall I have champagne, red wine, a martini or a pacific sunrise? 
Salmon and a Pacific Sunrise I think!!
So exciting.
It’s tough to look like I belong with all the businessmen around when I’m (hopefully subtly) taking pictures of everything! Hahaha 
Wait! The man in the suit beside me just took a picture of his food too! High five sir! 
I’m enjoying a contented moment courtesy of a yummy meal, a playlist of Ed Sheeran and the slightly tipsy feeling from one champagne cocktail (note to self, learn how to make a pacific sunrise). Smiling to myself and thinking about the joy of being open to surprises from the universe. What a delightfully unexpected treat on this trip. (Economy class will be tough after this. Haha!!). 
Geez. They’re coming through with more champagne. Guess I’d best stick with water. It’s going to be a long travel day. 
Sweet Martha Stewart!!! There’s a trolley coming with little cartons of Hagen Daaz!!!!! Woo hoo!! Getting harder to contain my enthusiasm. Hee hee. 
Geez Louise!! The Hagen Daaz cart is still in the galley but a fabulous lady just brought by a box of truffles to choose from. Coffee is on the way and then ice cream!! 
Now that I know what goes on behind the curtain…. It’s magic!! 
Best flight ever!! 
Back to reality now. Sigh. Just missed the earlier connection to Vancouver so it’s an 8 hr wait to see if I make the next one and it doesn’t look good. 
Oh well. I’ll always have the memories of business class. 😉

That’s my welcome water, hot towel and oodles of legroom! 


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