An Extended Pause…

Good Morning!

Wow, it’s been a horrifyingly long time since I’ve written. Sadly I haven’t had much happening in the way of travel for the past year. Too much going on in the arenas of work, relationships, home life…… you know how it is!

I am happy to say that I am in the midst of planning a couple of adventures for this fall. Heading off to Iceland for a week in October and enjoying the sights and sounds and flavours and excitement of Japan for close to two weeks in November. Shorter trips that I like to take for these kinds of far flung locations, but my work schedule is being a mite ornery so it’s a case of go on a short trip, or don’t go at all. Short trip is definitely the winner!

Thus far I just have flights booked for both trips and nothing else. I’m researching how best to travel through each country and where to stay for the best experiences (that won’t break the budget). I’m thinking B&Bs as much as possible, especially in Iceland.

I can’t wait to get exploring in a new country. It’s been far far too long.

If anyone has suggestions for unique experiences in either country, please feel free to share! I shall be continuing to post about the travel planning as I figure things out. Oh, plus I need to decide on where to go for Christmas this year since I’m actually not working! Yay!!

Happy travels everyone and have a fantastic day!


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