Iceland Ready or Not (Mostly Not!)

Yeesh! We leave for Iceland tomorrow. Tomorrow!! I am woefully woefully unprepared for this trip. Here’s the thing…… I booked a fabulous trip to Japan for November, then decided to book an amazing trip to Iceland for October, and then I promptly bought a house and everything else kind of fell to the wayside. Oh…. plus I signed up to have a table at a craft market in November (while I’m in Japan actually) so I’ve been frantically making product and searching for someone to work my booth and working on a business name….. All of a sudden it’s October and I haven’t really planned anything for either trip. So not like me. I do have guesthouses booked in Reykjavik for the stay so at least we’re not homeless when we get there. Sadly my procrastinating means that I couldn’t get the guesthouses that would have been better for us but these should be good, fingers crossed.

I’m doing a last minute scramble to figure out a few cool things to do while we’re there. I’ve decided not to rent a car even though it makes getting around more flexible and probably less expensive, but I’ve never learned to drive a manual (I know I know, it’s on my list of things to learn) and the automatics I looked at were double the price. Plus, even though I’ve heard it’s super easy to find your way around, given our sense of direction there’s a good chance we’d spend a fair amount of time lost.

We both made a sudden realization that we didn’t really have the proper wardrobe for this trip either so it’s been interesting cobbling together something to wear so we won’t freeze. Thanks to my good friend Andrea for her report on the weather and best clothing to pack since she was just there a couple of weeks ago. If I haven’t before I should mention that I’m cheap…. well, I prefer thrifty, or budget conscious (hee hee), so, when I found out I needed a few warmer pieces I went to my favourite thrift stores to scope out what’s available. I’ll just say that I will not be stopped on the street to be asked if I’d like to be included in a fashionable people magazine spread. I’m wearing a friend’s husband’s cast off winter coat, men’s windproof warm up pants (complete with hockey team logo on the side), wonder woman toque (it’s the warmest one I have), fuzzy purple scarf, and big black gloves. It’s going to be quite a sight. Mom is not going to be looking much more fashionable herself but at least we should be warm.

At this moment my list of things I would like to do/see/eat/experience while in Iceland are as follows:

  • Northern Lights – so so hoping Mother Nature obliges us with a spectacular show! If, I can be greedy and wish for an incredible Northern Lights display whilst we are soaking in a delightful hot spring, even better!
  • Reindeer and Puffins – I would like to see both of these while I’m there
  • Elves – I’m interested in learning some of the elf lore of the region and seeing places where they are thought to live
  • Waterfalls/Geysers – I do love a dramatic water scene and it sounds like there are some very cool ones in the area
  • Debating trying the fermented shark – it’s interesting and I love trying “strange to me” foods while I’m on vacation, but I do have concerns about the killing of the sharks, I would need to learn more about it before I decide
  • Hot Springs – soaking in a natural hot pool and relaxing

I’m not really sure what else is on my list so far. This is a pretty short vacation for us (7 days including travel time) so it’s going to go by super quickly. I guess we’ll see what happens! I’m so not a free spirit when it comes to travel. I like to plan things out and know what I’m doing and where I want to go. I do build in spaces for free time and exploring as well but I really prefer to have some things lined up before we take off. This will be a new experience for sure!


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