And away we go….

We leave for Iceland this afternoon and, though I’m still feeling underplanned and underprepared, I’m super excited!

I changed up our hotel for the last few days of the trip, I couldn’t bear three nights in a tiny room with no window just to save a little money (and I know mom would go squirrelly) so we’re in a different location now. Sometimes I wish I could channel the mojo of the folks who decide on things quickly and easily. Not me. I agonized over all the (sadly mediocre) hotel choices, finally caught deciding between a hotel with private bathroom (a rarity in Iceland) and a large room with kitchenette so we could cook… or a guesthouse with good reviews, a slightly lower price, and apparently a fantastic free breakfast. Free breakfast won out.

Almost time to head to the airport for the first leg of the journey. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly with our connections and in a few hours we’ll be winging our way to Iceland!

First stop once we arrive is our airport transfer to the hotel via the Blue Lagoon for our first hot soak in the country. I know it’s a tourist hot spot but what the heck, we need to kill some time before we can check in to our hotel and it sounds like a civilized way to soothe post flight aches. Granted it’ll be midnight our time when we get there so there’s a chance we’ll fall asleep in the lagoon. Hmmm…. might need a buddy system to keep each other awake. Hee hee. After that, hopefully dropping off our luggage at Eric the Red, our first guesthouse in Reykjavik and wandering around continuing to try and stay awake until we can get into our room and have a nap!

Who knows what shenanigans we’ll get into while we’re there?! Should be quite an adventure.


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