Iceland Day 1: hot soak, sticker shock, and jet lag! 

Our first day in Iceland! 

The Air Iceland flight was uneventful and relentlessly mediocre. I know I’m one of the only people in the world who likes airplane food, but I sure miss the little meals when I travel. We brought food onboard with us but I was sad not to get even a tiny snack on the flight. Sigh. The inflight entertainment was ok, mostly super old movies and cute promo videos for Iceland. But it certainly wasn’t a bad flight. There was enough room to be kind of comfortable and we were able to sleep a little which was nice. 

We’d booked an airport transfer via the Blue Lagoon for immediately after our arrival and, as it turned out, we had our own private mini van to the lagoon. I knew the Blue Lagoon was super touristy and busy but we couldn’t check in to our hotel for a few hours anyways so it seemed like a good way to start the trip. We loved it! It wasn’t busy at all at that time and in the pre-sunrise light it was misty and mysterious. And so delightfully hot and relaxing. It was a fantastic way to start our journey. I’m so glad we were there at a quiet time and didn’t have to deal with hordes of bathers. The silica mask was fun and left my face feeling soft and smooth. I definitely recommend going from the airport to the lagoon for a relaxing soak!! 

Once we were sufficiently pruney we showered off and layered up for heading outdoors. We almost had a private but to Reykjavik until three other people showed up. Haha. I did nod off a bit on the drive into town, waking up when the driver had to brake hard to avoid hitting someone driving towards us in our lane passing another car. Yeesh!! 

Luckily our room at Eric the Red Guesthouse was ready on arrival so we could take a nap before heading out to explore the area. The guesthouse is in a fabulous location, right across from Hallgrimskirkja which is a great landmark for two directionally challenged ladies to find their way back. 

We’re near the main shopping/nightlife street so we wandered around a bit after our nap looking for dinner. After checking the prices on a few menus we decided maybe a fast is in order. Holy cow! This is the most expensive place I’ve ever been. I had read that the prices are high but they are even higher than I’d expected. Soup for $17-18/bowl (Canadian dollars), main dishes for $30-40! Yikes! This thrifty girl is having heart palpitations. We found a grocery store and got a few things. Still expensive but not nearly as bad. For $26 we bought bread, cheese, packaged soup and chocolate covered licoruce to try. We had dinner and enough left for lunch the next day and a snack. Being thrifty will be a challenge here. 

A quiet night in the room using the wifi to plan out the trip and it was time for more sleep. Stand by for mom’s account of the nocturnal excitement I apparently slept through! 

Today started with our first Icelandic breakfast and we head out in a moment for a city walking tour. So far it’s not as cold as I’d expected but today looks like a blustery day so we shall see!!


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