Time for Japan already?! Yikes!! 

Soooo…. I blinked and it was time to leave for Japan. I’ve been caught in a glittery crafting vortex for a few weeks getting ready for a craft market (check out Facebook.com/punkpugsandpinwheels) and somehow the date to leave just snuck up on me. 

We are in Tokyo at the moment in our cute little hotel room consisting of two bunk beds and a teeny tiny washroom. It’s super clean and the beds are pretty comfy so it’s all we really need. That and a free beverage machine in the lobby for our morning coffee   or tea! 

Our flight on All Nippon Airways was excellent. The flight attendants are lovely, the seats are comfortable (relatively speaking of course, no plane seats in economy are terrific for 9 1/2 hours), and the food was great. The time went by quite quickly. Our dinner was surprisingly good….little appie/side dish containers with smoked salmon, edamame, pickled veggies, noodles, and maybe tofu. The main course of beef patty in an onion sauce was much tastier than it sounds. And we were pretty delighted by our tiny tub of ice cream for dessert. There were little self serve snacks in the galley during the flight and Mom was particularly taken by the smallest chocolate bar in the world. About the size of one square of chocolate but divided into four like a full chocolate bar. Haha. The weirdest little things amuse us. Oh, speaking of which, I was impressed by the fancy toilet with the bidet settings on the plane. I’ve certainly never seen that onboard before. 

We got through customs in Tokyo and spoke with a super helpful tourist information lady to figure out how to get to our hotel. The monorail and train were not bad to figure out and then we wandered around for about 40 min looking for the hotel. We asked directions from a number of very gracious folks until we finally got there…only to find that we were at the wrong one. Sigh. Apparently the hotel chain has three locations and we’d gotten directions to the wrong one. We conceded defeat and took a taxi to the correct hotel as we were getting tired and our backpacks were getting heavy. So happy to finally get to the right place!!! 

We got our plans in order for the next day and then it was time for sleep. Yay! The only drawback of our cute bunk beds is that they are crazy creaky noisy every time you move. Oh well. I’m sure we’ll live. 

This morning is a slow start as it’s currently pouring rain and we don’t relish being soaked all day especially since mom’s fighting a brutal cold. We have a walking tour booked this afternoon though so we’ll venture out soon and start exploring! 


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