Japan catchup (at least a bit) 

Tidbits from our first few days in Japan. I’m so behind in my chronicling of this adventure as my blogging time has been taken up trying to book the tours and hotels i didn’t get booked prior to coming here. Oops. Turns out it’s not low season and it’s tougher to book things than I expected. 

However, we are still having an amazing time!! Tokyo has been such a combination of traditional and new with the most gracious people imaginable. Everyone has been eager to help two often lost ladies get on the right track. 
We’ve taken a couple of tours, eaten some amazing (and some less than amazing food….more on the food in a separate post), checked out one of the zoos, criss-crossed the city on the subway, visited temples, giggled at the fancy toilets, learned to launder money at a shrine, and enjoyed some serious people watching all over! 

Initial impressions: 

– the cleanliness for a city this size is astounding. No one walks around eating or drinking. If you buy a snack you consume it there or take it home. It’s the vendors responsibility to give you a bag for your garbage and not let you walk away eating. It feels weird to just stand around eating but it works. There’s almost no litter anywhere. 

– The subway is crazy efficient and easy to navigate. The only hard part (at least for me) is figuring out which exit to take from the station in order to find where you’re actually going.

– Presentation is key. The attention to detail is lovely to see. Beautifully decorated cakes, sweets in different shapes or seasonal themes, everything about department store food halls….it’s inspiring. 

Well that’s it for now. Time to take some cold meds and get rested up for our first full day in Kyoto!! Two walking tours booked so it’s gonna be busy!


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