Japan – All About the Food! 

Going through my photo roll is showing me that this trip is all about seeing temples and shrines and temples with shrines and trying to remember which temple or shrine you’re currently visiting and….  the food! 

Here’s a tally of our Japanese culinary delights thus far: 
– delicious yakitori skewers of various denominations of chicken including gizzard and heart 

– Supermarket and 7-11 noodles and baked goods (surprisingly fresh, hot, inexpensive, and tasty). Sometimes you just need quick and easy. 

– Pancakes filled with red bean paste and other various red bean paste sweets 

– Monja

– Okonomiyaki

– Udon

– Insanely excessive and delicious traditional Japanese ryokan dinner including everything from super fresh sashimi to miso soup to rice to many types of veggies and lots of unidentified, but yummy, morsels. The food just kept coming and coming! And the presentation was gorgeous…veggies cut into autumn leaf shapes, real leaves as decorations…. 

– Breakfast at the ryokan was almost as crazy as dinner. Potato salad, crab broth soup, yogurt, rice, lots more unidentified items, fruit, cooked salmon…..

– Another food tour with samplings of: matcha tea, sashimi, pickled veggies and plums, octopus balls (no comments), more Okonomiyaki, the most delicious pancakes filled with custard, beef croquettes, and a variety of small side dishes. 

The food we’ve had has all been exceedingly fresh, presented with great care, and incredibly tasty. I love how the Japanese really do use the best of what’s in season and showcasing their flavours and colours. 

It’s been great to try foods at shops that have been in business for 16 generations. So many businesses are closing because times are changing and the younger generations have new goals rather than running the family shop. No fault of theirs but it’s sad to see these places go. I’m guilty of choosing chains over independent coffee shops or restaurants many times so it’s good to have a reminder of how great these places are. 

I’m looking forward to a few more days of delicious adventures. 

We have done more than check out the good though. A few walking tours, lots of wandering about soaking up the atmosphere (getting lost is another way to put it), and seeing some cool sights. 

So much to do in the next few days!! 

I forgot to take a picture before we wolfed everything down! Oops!


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