Disney Day in Tokyo!!! 

Today we head to Tokyo Disney Sea!!! Yay!! 

I’m just hoping to be able to make it onto even a couple of rides. It sounds like the lineups are going to be horrific. 

Finishing up the fabulous complimentary breakfast at our hotel (I love Asian breakfasts….noodles, soup, veggies, eggs….) and we’re on our way! 

Ok. Change of plans. The subway station was chaos. There’s a reason they say to avoid rush hour in Tokyo. Holy Fruit Loops it was crazy!!! I thought it was busy on the weekend. Apparently not.  So we are back at the hotel for a while to wait until rush hour(s) are done!! 

In the meantime I’ll catch up on writing about some of the other things we’ve done here. 

  • We did a tea ceremony workshop in Kyoto that was much better than I’d anticipated. It was really interesting to learn about different aspects of the ceremony and how a formal one would actually run. A few highlights: 
  • Samurai were very into the tea ceremonies to show they were cultured and not just warriors 
  • There are many moments of reflection and appreciation, appreciating each of the tea utensils, each other, and ourselves 
  • The tea scoops are named by the master who made them and usually someone preforming tea ceremonies has several scoops so they choose the one best suiting the season and occasion
  • The ladle is held up like a mirror as a reminder to slow down and see yourself 
  • So many aspects are about respect for each other and yourself and your utensils. The tea bowl is placed facing the guest so they can appreciate the beautiful design at the front. It is then turned to face the host prior to drinking so the host can appreciate the design as well as out of respect for the design, not to drink on that part of the bowl. Then turned back to face the guest at the end. 
  • There was a poem on the wall our hostess explained to us that was about the planets all individually circling the sun and if they all aligned at the same time I’d would be a special occasion. The meaning was that the people at the ceremony were like the planets brought together at that one moment that would never happen exactly like that again. So to appreciate each moment. 
  • So much more as well. There is so much history and philosophy behind the tea ceremonies. I’m so glad we had an opportunity to learn a little about it. 

We also took a Kintsugi workshop. It’s the art of golden joinery. Broken pottery is mended using lacquer and gold to not just fix the piece but enhance its beauty. It goes along with the wabi sabi philosophy of embracing the imperfect.

We used superglue and golden powder to repair our pieces as the real lacquer takes weeks to dry fully. It really is a meditative process, putting the pieces together, gluing them, painting the cracks with lacquer, and then adding the gold powder. I would love to do more. We will see in a couple of days how our pieces turned out!! Our instructor spoke a little about wabi sabi after I asked her to explain what it meant to her. She showed us pottery bowls with plants and rocks simulating a small nature scene. It’s like bringing nature inside. They make bowls that aren’t perfectly round because they are a more natural, organic shape. 

Sigh. Still a little time to wait before we go see Mickey and the gang. Fingers crossed!!! 


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